The set back...

Hello my darlings!

I wanted to drop you a quick note. I am working so hard over here in the windy city! It's cold now, and finally I can wear my favorite faux furs! It's been a while since I connected with all you lovers! Let's chat...

In 2017, my business experienced a major set back, mainly from over producing goods and the addition of staff and contractors on top of a very costly office space. I had to save my business! I saw that it was not profiting as I would have hoped and I had to make the hardest decision of my life and downsize. It was not easy at all! I felt like I had a major set back, I felt like I was starting over from basic beginnings and I felt like I was supposed to be much further along than I was in business. I became unmotivated and chilled for the remaining year only selling wholesale previous collections to keep the money coming in. 

In 2018, I reflected on my mistakes. I saw what I have lacked to see in myself all along. This business is not only about profiting to me, it is my creative outlet. I am truly a maker and innovator. I needed to get back to that element in my business. I traveled in 2018 to make connections, learn more about technology in the fashion world as well as perfect my craft. Draping, designing, creating crazy shapes, clean lines, creating wearable art, were all the things that made me strong in the design world in Chicago. 

I am excited to remain true to who I am. I am happy that I have learned something from this business experience. I am happy that I am no longer embarrassed and can talk about the trials that I have experienced in my business. It all made me grow up a bit in this industry. Now, I would be lying if I said everything is perfect. It's not perfect but I am on a good path to reaping all I've sown into PASSPORT. If you have a dream, and it seems like things are falling apart, they are. They are falling apart so that you can build a stronger castle. I am grateful for my set back. That rainy season produced the most beautiful flowers and if you know me, you know I love florals! :) 


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